Periyar Wildlife Reserve in Kerala, Periyar Wildlife Reserves Tour to Kerala

Periyar Wildlife Reserve in Kerala, Periyar Wildlife Reserves Tour to Kerala

South India Holiday Tours   Periyar Wildlife Reserve in Kerala, Periyar Wildlife Reserves Tour to Kerala  Karnataka Tours Periyar Wildlife Reserve in Kerala, Periyar Wildlife Reserves Tour to KeralaAbout Karnataka,Karnataka History

About Karnataka |Karnataka History

Karnataka popularly known for Carnatic Music through out the World has given much more to the World than Carnatic Music,Karnataka History, Karnataka State, Kannada, Mysore, Bangalore, Information Technology a unique form of Classical Music patroned by many across the continents.

Karnataka with all its Richness in Culture and Traditional Grandeur is also one of the fastest growing States in terms of industries and Facilities.

Karnataka is also known as the Capital of Agarbathi (incense Sticks), Arecanut, Silk, Coffee and Sandal Wood,Karnataka History, Karnataka State, Kannada, Mysore, Bangalore, Information Technology.

All this is apart from the fact that it has been the Culture Center for hundreds of years and its testimony stands spread across the State pulling millions of Tourists from all parts of the World to Karnataka. Whose richness and hospitality can only be felt and never explained better

South India Holiday Tours, provides travel tours to Karnataka, located in South India, India. A visit to Luxury Indian Destinations, offers insightful information about Karnataka, situated in South India, India. The cities of the order of Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hampi, Belur, Badami and others are some of the prominent cities present in the state of Karnataka, situated in South India, India.

Then, a travel tour to Mysore would showcase the travel destinations of the order of Mysore Palace, Chamundi hills, Brindaban gardens, St. Philomena's church, Tipu Sultan's summer Palace, Mysore Zoo and Ranganathaswamy temple which have enough enthralling capacity to lure the interested tourists into the confines of a beautiful and well maintained Mysore. Karnataka Silk, Handicrafts, Sandalwood, S.M Krishna, karnataka Culture, karnataka Heritage Tipu Sultan and his father Hyder Ali are the other figures, which have a profound place in the pantheon of culture and history of Mysore, located in Karnataka, South India as they were the independent minded persons in a rest of the country going servile to the rising influence of the Britishers.

South India holiday Tours, offers a look in into Bangalore too, which is located in Karnataka, South India, India. Bangalore is a very well planned city, which is well known for its Pub culture and the attendant beatific gardens and other city structures along with the now legendary MG road. Hampi, the ancient city and the capital of the Vijayanagar Empire, is also located in Karnataka, situated in South India, India.

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Tours to Bangalore

Bangalore is the ideal destination for every type of holiday thanks to the diversity of attractions. There are fantastic parks and gardens, beautiful temples to visit, places of historical interest. Capital of the southern state of Karnataka, Bangalore is a charming city and known as Garden City due to large numbers of gardens found in this city.

Tours to Coorg

Coorg, located in Karnataka, South India, India, is a beautiful hill station which can be proud in its picture postcard beauty all replete with traditionally beautiful dark tiled cottages and bright flowers in the nearby shrubs which is enough to attract large throngs of tourists to the hill station located in Karnataka, South India, India.

Tours to Mysore

A visit to Mysore, located in Karnataka, South India, India, reveals the fact that the town is an ancient one and is commonly known as the city of palaces keeping in view the presence of a few beautiful and imposing palaces in Mysore, located in Karnataka, South India, India.

About karnataka

Karnataka, called as Karunadu (elevated land) in ancient times. The course of Karnataka's history and culture takes us back to pre-historic times. The earliest find of the stone age period in India was a hand axe at Lingasugur in Raichur district. The Ashoka's rock edicts found in the state indicate that major parts of Northern Karnataka were under the Mauryas.

Chandragupta Maurya, the great Indian emperor abdicated the throne and embraced Jainism at Shravanabelagola. Adding new dimensions to the cultural and spiritual ethos of the land, many great dynasties left their imprint upon the aesthetic development of Karnataka's art forms. Prominent among them were the Chalukyas, the Hoysalas and the mighty Vijayanagara Empire.

The Chalukyan's built some of the very early Hindu temples in India. Aihole turned up as an experimental base for the dynamic creations of architects. The Hoysala's who ruled from the 11th to the 13th century chiseled their way into the pages of glory by building more than 150 temples, each one is a master piece in its own way.

The amazing dexterity and fluidity of expressions at Somnathpur, Halebid and Belur open themselves to the wide eyed wonder in one's eyes. Vijayanagara, the greatest of all medieval Hindu empires and one of the greatest the world over, fostered the development of intellectual pursuits and fine arts.

"The eye of the pupil has never seen a place like it and the ear of intelligence has never been informed that there existed anything to equal it in the world" is what Abdur Razaaq the Persian ambassador had to say about Krishnadevaraya's time.

The Vijayanagara empire with its capital at Hampi fell a victim to the marauding army of the Deccan Sultan in 1565 A.D. As a consequence of this, Bijapur became the most important city of the region.

This city is a land of monuments and perhaps no other city except Delhi has as many monuments as Bijapur. The Bahmani Shahis and the Adilshahis of Bijapur have played a notable part in the history of Karnataka by their contribution to the field of art and architecture and also by their propagation of Islam in the state.

Hyder Ali and his valiant son Tipu Sultan are notable figures in the history of the land. They expanded the Mysore kingdom on an unprecedented scale and by their resistance against the British, became personages of world fame.

Tipu was a great scholar and lover of literature. His artistic pursuits were also many and he made rich gifts to the Hindu temples. Tipu Sultan "Tiger of Karnataka" was killed in 1799 A.D., and the Mysore throne was handed over to the Wodeyar's.

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