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Periyar Wildlife Reserve in Kerala, Periyar Wildlife Reserves Tour to Kerala

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Goa Adventure Information|Goa Adventure Guide

Adventure in Goa

If adventure is what you seek in your holiday, then Goa will offer you that and much more. goa india adventure activities, goa adventure options, goa adventure information, goa adventure tourism, goa adventure guide, goa adventure attractions The 'sun, sand and and sea' title of Goa does injustice to this holiday destination as you get the feel of Goa as a laid back place. However, the truth is different. There is so much adventure at sight and hidden that you can explore and have a different experience on each day of your vacation, that too full of adventure. With a long coastline dotted with beaches, water sports is an obvious activity in Goa. And not just the sea but the rivers and lakes also make it a perfect place for aquatic fun. Para sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, you name it and Goa has it. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, wait till you come to explore the adventure yourself. Its not just the water but the land of Goa is also for you to explore, go trekking, hiking or river crossing in the air and explore the untouched terrains of Goa. Apart from the water and land activities there are other options like dolphin and crocodile spotting, island trips etc.

Water Sports

Water sports is a sprawling activity in Goa.goa india adventure activities, goa adventure options, goa adventure information, goa adventure tourism, goa adventure guide, goa adventure attractions From exclusive domain of five star hotels to private operators, water sports in Goa has come a long way. Move on, river Mandovi and lakes also give you choice of water sports.


With one end of the rope tied to the speed boat and the other to the para sail, you are up there, left suspended to feel the air on your face. There is either option of beach parasailing and winch parasailing, the beach parasailing requires more expertise on the part of the operator. On the other hand winch boat parasailing takes you higher. goa india adventure activities, goa adventure options, goa adventure information, goa adventure tourism, goa adventure guide, goa adventure attractions Though this water sports is available at many beaches but parasailing on Sinquerim-Candolim-Calangute is special since you get the views of Fort Aguada and River Princess (grounded tanker). Otherwise you can also para sail at Arrossim-Cansaulim and Utorda stretch, Mobor beach and Miramar. A word of caution before you para sail: do not forget to double check your harness, and see that there is another person apart from the boat operator to keep an eye on you.


Jet skiing is one of the most thrilling water activity for speed lovers. 100-135hp powered jet skis in Goa are sure to set you pulsating. The machine is also very simple to use but still the operators usually send instructor along lest you should get carried away with the fun. Usually the pre-defined area for jet-skiing is within operator's sight. Beaches where you can pursue this pulsating water sports are Colva, Candolim, Calangute, Miramar, Arossim, Utorda, Benaulim, Mobor and Rajbaga.

Water Skiing

This sport requires practice, be prepared to tumble few times before you are ready for the final adventure. Strong legs and back muscles are pre requisite for water skiing. But it's the operators who train you before you embark, unless they are assured, you will not get a chance. You can water ski at Candolim, Calangute, Arossim, Utorda and Mobor and Rajbaga. Water skiing is inadvisable in case the waters are rough. Also, learn the sign language so that you can communicate with your boat operator without any misunderstanding.

Knee and Wake-Boarding

This sport is much similar to water skiing except for that it is somewhat easier since it requires less focus on the balance. The board has a slot for knees in knee boarding while in wake boarding there is a single board instead of two narrow boards.

One must be well versed in water skiing to pursue this activity which is available at few beaches namely Candolim, Mobor and Rajbaga.


A rather inexpensive water sport but tough to learn, that's windsurfing. Though it's non-mechanised but it requires quite a lot of patience, good guidance and good health on the part of learner. Bogmalo, Miramar, Calangute, Arossim, Utorda, Benaulim, Vagator, and Baga are the beaches where you can windsurf but if you are learning then head for Dauna Paula bay.

Three to five day windsurfing courses are also there if you wish to learn this sport. Before you start with the solo run be sure that you have the high degree of skill and training.

Speedboat Rides

If jet skiing is not enough for your speed thirst then move over to speed boat. More powerful, more faster, its a great group activity. There are three to six people in the boat and you get this golden opportunity to not just thrill with the speed but also explore the Goan coastline. If you have deep pockets than you can also include some leisure activity in your trip such as fishing, dolphin spotting and visits to cliffs.

All major beaches like Calangute, Candolim, Arrossim, Utorda, Colva or Mobor have speed boat operators. So if you are comfortable with water than don't give second thoughts, just go for this water sport.

Catamaran Sailing

Also called Hobie cats, catamaran sailing is a pretty relaxed activity but also a fun activity. Four people can sail at a time in catamaran sailing. A well trained and professional sailor has to be there to sail the catamaran. Catamaran sailing is available on Candolim, Calangute, Dona Paula, Arossim, Utorda, Colva, Benaulim and Mobor.

Its important that you understand the emergency signals and procedures of catamaran sailing before you hit the waters.

Scuba-diving and Snorkelling

Perfect for those with an explorer's eye, scuba diving and snorkelling are not thrilling but exciting activities. Though Goa does not boast of a great coral reef but it has enough to keep you hooked while you are there under the water. While snorkelling is for kids and families, scuba -diving requires great deal of practice and comfort level with the equipment and then also you are accompanied by two trained scuba divers.

Look out for the abundant marine life. You will spot groupers, damsels, tuna eels, goat fish, lion fish, snapper jacks to name a few, there is lot more to look out for. Visibility varies from 2-50 meters depending on the sea and weather conditions. A word of caution before you scuba dive, thorough check your equipment and learn its operation.

Land Sports

A versatile tourist destination, adventure sports in Goa is not just about water sports. If you are doing just that then you are missing half the fun which lies deep inside Goa away from the happening beaches. Move over to the land and a whole range of land adventure activity welcomes. Trekking, hiking, rock climbing and many more, this is just the beginning of the fun. Move on to explore the land of surprises, packed with adventure and thrill.

Hiking and Trekking

A tough and physically demanding activity, nonetheless good fun. Trekking and hiking are not just these two activities but include a range of activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, jummaring and river crossing. Rock climbing is though difficult but with better equipments, safety levels have increased. Rappelling is descending a rock with the rope and harness and jummaring is ascending a rock using the toothed metal clamp. Another exhilarating activity is the Tyrolean traverse. You are suspended over a river, valley or a ravine with a rope and you back crawl on the rope but of course there are safety equipments also.

With the lush green Sahyadris in Goa, trekking is a delight. As you ascend on your journey, every sight is captivating to behold you. Places such as Valpoi, Mollem and Sanguem bring you closer to the nature with every step.

One can go for trekking and hiking anytime round the year but October to December is the best time. The usual trips are trekking to the Dudhsagar waterfalls, rock-climbing and rapelling at Kalen Rock in Sanguem. There could be tailor cut trekking expeditions according to your requirements also.

Microlite Flying

A recent addition to the water sports is microlite flying. Its a motorised machine with a forty feet wing span. Two to three people can sit in it at once including the operator. You don't need to learn gliding for this activity as it's the operators job, you just have to sit and enjoy Goa unfold beneath you. As its a recent activity, its only available at Calangute.


Goa has one of the best karting tracks in the country so don't miss this opportunity of go karting in Goa. The 500m long tracks are located near Arpora in Nuvem. Reasonably priced, go karting is an activity which the entire family can enjoy.

Other Activities

Apart from land and water sports, a whole range of other activities will keep you hooked. A land of surprises, at every corner lurks a secret getaway waiting just for you. It could be anything from bird watching to dolphin or crocodile spotting trip.

Goa is a bird watcher's paradise literally, you will not spot many in the towns but an early morning walk to one of the lake sides will reveal much of the secret habitats of birds to you. Otherwise also you can visit Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary on Chorao Island.

Dolphin and crocodile spotting trips are also very famous in Goa. Some of the prominent beaches which have operators providing this activity are Candolim, Calangute and Palolim.


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