Periyar Wildlife Reserve in Kerala, Periyar Wildlife Reserves Tour to Kerala

Periyar Wildlife Reserve in Kerala, Periyar Wildlife Reserves Tour to Kerala

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Legends of Lakshadweep Islands | Lakshadweep India Legends

Lakshadweep, a cluster of Islands located in the Arabian Sea in west India, is nothing less than a paradise where the colorful aqua beings paint the mesmerizing picture against the blue waters. Rich flora and fauna makes this dreamland an exceptional place to visit during holidays. The main attraction of Lakshadweep lies in just enjoying the leisure and soaking in the clear airs of the islands. Water adventure and fishing makes this only coral reef island in India, a unique honeymoon destination as well. The history of Lakshadweep is not much known, however, traces of it reveal these islands to be present since the 7th century. Lakshadweep Legends,lakshadweep travel, travel to lakshadweep, lakshadweep tourism, lakshadweep island, lakshadweep island travel One can reach Lakshadweep island via Agatti Island that has the only airport in Lakshadweep. Flights from Cochin travel to and fro. Helicopters also are present to ferry tourists to the different island from Agatti. Cruising to Lakshadweep is another great adventure trip to reach the islands od Lakshadweep. From the months of October to April Catamaran speed vessels operate as per monthly schedule between major islands in the group.

People and Ethinicity
Lakshadweep Island The people of Lakshadweep in many ways, like language and lifestyle, have a very distinct affinity with the people of Kerala. Islam, which was propagated by Hazrat Ubaidulla who set off from Mecca after Prophet Mohammed appeared to him in a dream, is still the major religion followed in Lakshadweep. The people of Lakshadweep are basically tribal in nature. The Aminidivi, Koyas, Malmis and Malacheris are the main tribes living in Lakshadweep. Aminidivis are believed to be the first group of people to have started inhabiting these islands. Renowned for their handicrafts they are also famous for celebrating tribal festivals in a unique form, thus making it a grand affair.

The Exotic Islands
Lakshadweep comprise of six alluring islands of which Kavaratti is the administrative head. Famous for its 52 mosques, the main highlight is the Ujra mosque that is carved from a piece of driftwood and is beautifully ornate. Lakshadweep Legends,lakshadweep travel, travel to lakshadweep, lakshadweep tourism, lakshadweep island, lakshadweep island travel The vast stretches of lagoons are ideal for swimming and water sports along with enjoying the extrinsic underwater view. Kalpeni that has the largest lagoon among the Lakshadweep islands is all and all an adventure destination. Scenic beauty, coral debris and great tourist facilities make this island a delightful place for a vacation.

Minicoy is a very popular island in Lakshadweep, appreciated for the dominant position held by women. Rich tradition of arts and culture and the few outlived monumental heritages like the lighthouse built by the British in 1885 embellish this island. Agatti is the gateway to the beautiful Lakshadweep lagoons as it has the only airport of the union territory. Having options for some excellent excursions, Agatti is the way to reach the uninhabited Bangaram Island that lets one live their most outlandish romantic dreams. Kadmat Island is a haven for solitude that also promotes various water sports. Honeymooning is another great option in Kadmat, where the thick leaves of coconut Palms form a natural canopy over the whole area.

Watersports in Lakshadweep
The endless stretch of golden sands that pave way for the frivolous sea waves, unending stretches of blue lagoons and coral reefs prying out from the Arabian sea play the perfect role in inviting the tourists for some bone chilling water sports in Lakshadweep. Swimming and diving along with snorkelling and scuba diving are apt to explore the underwater world. The adventure options like water scooters and para sailing has also rendered Lakshadweep become a famous water sports destination in India. Lakshadweep Legends,lakshadweep travel, travel to lakshadweep, lakshadweep tourism, lakshadweep island, lakshadweep island travel Various institutes offering facilities for Kayaking, canoeing, yachting, snorkeling, wind surfing, water skiing and cruising have been set up by the tourist department on Kadmat Island.

Do's and Don't in Lakshadweep
1. Lakshadweep is an isolated part of the country. Carry your special brand of medicines, cosmetics, cigarettes etc. as only ordinary varieties will be available on the islands.
2. Ensure that your reservation is done in advance. If possible arrange for a local escort.
3. Do not litter the water or pick up corals as souvenirs. It is a punishable offense.
4. Do not carry any illegal drugs or narcotics. Swimming or sunbathing naked is not permitted.

There are different legends that credit different people to the spread of Islam in Lakshadweep Islands, which is the major religion of the Union Territory followed by 93% of its population. According to the local parables, Cheraman Perumal, the last king of Kerala, converted to Islam at the behest of some Arab merchants and left his capital Cannanore (today's Kodungallor) to go for a pilgrimage to Mecca. Bewildered by his sudden disappearance, search parties were sent after him in sailing boats for Mecca. It is said that one of these sailing boats was struck by a fierce storm and was shipwrecked on the Bangaram island of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The crew shifted to the nearby island of Agatti till the weather improved and then returned to the mainland. On the way, they saw some more islands. Another party of sailors and soldiers discovered the island of Amini and started living there. However, a much ancient legend is more in vogue here.

It is said that during the advent of Islam in the 7th century, St. Ubaidullah(r) fell asleep in Mecca while praying. He dreamt that Prophet Mohammed has ordered him to go to Jeddah and sail to different places, spreading the word of Islam. However, his shipwrecked near these small Islands due to a ranging Islam and he was swept ashore on the island of Amini, floating on a plank. There, he again dreamt that this is the place, where has to propagate Islam. However, it was easier said than done and he had to face the wrath of the headman of the island who exiled him from his land. However, a young woman was so impressed by his preaching that she decided to follow him forever by marrying him. She is said to be the first lady to embrace Islam in these islands and was called Hameedat Beebi. This further enraged the headman who at once ordered the execution of the couple. However, Almighty helped St. Ubaidullah(r) and people were struck blind for a moment as St. Ubaidullah(r) and his wife disappeared from the place. St. Ubaidullah(r) left Amini for Andrott, where he was opposed but yet he finally succeeded to win over a few followers at last. He continued to propagate Islam till his death and was buried in Andrott, which is considered a sacred place today.



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